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Custom Websites From

We do build custom Web Sites, exclusively for the Arabian Horse.

When starting a website, there are start up, reoccurring and maintenance fees.
Below is my list of fees.   They are as follows.
  • Design / Branding Fee:------- Billed at $30.00 per hour - prorated to nearest minute
    The time it takes to design your exclusive artistic appearance for your website.  Custom graphics for logos, headers and custom appearance of website based on information you provide during the consultation process.  Clear communication is key to cost effective.
  • Page Building Fee: ---------------------------------Billed at a flat fee of $50.00 Per Page
    For every page built, there is individual content that must be inputted.  Photos, articles, pedigrees, links.  There are also particular details that must be met to ensure search engines can find your information on each page.  You can ad pages to your website at any time.
  • Domain Name:---------------------2 year Registration through Arabian Quest  $36.00
    The domain name is your address on the World Wide Web.
    Includes Whois and expiration monitoring.
  • Domain Parking Fee:-----------------------------------------------------------$80.00 Per Year
    This fee is for the space the content of your website uses.  Everything that pertains to your website,  Photos, graphics, site coding and content all takes up space on the server.
  • Website Maintenance Fee:--------------Paid Yearly (Best Value) $300.00
                                                              20% OFF When paid Yearly $240.00
                                                                   Paid Semi Annual.............$150.00
                                                                   Paid Quarterly....................$75.00
                                                                   Paid Monthly......................$25.00

    Just like a physical office or store needs to be maintained, you web site will also need to be maintained.  Be it updating text, removing information, adding articles or breaking news, expanding sales lists, updating yearly stud fees, incentives, sales offerings, new foal arrivals, or any other number of changes that come over time.  It also covers graphic design work, uploading new files to your server, transferring files to a new server, backing up files, updating contact information, adding or removing search engine tags, adding or removing linkins to other sites, adjusting sales prices.  Web site maintenance is a very important factor in managing  your online business.  This covers submitting your site monthly to organic Search Engines. Arabian Quest Web Maintenance allows you up to two hours of updates per month (unused monthly maintenance  non-transferrable)  Updates that exceed two hours within each month are pro-rated at $30.00 per hour.  Updating your web site business monthly also keeps viewers coming back to visit frequently to see what's new with your business. Web site maintenance is key to the success of your web site business.

    NOTE:  What is NOT included in web site maintenance?  Web site redesigns are not included in your maintenance package.  Which includes changes to your site's structure and core design.  In most cases, you will want to request a web redesign quote rather than have your website rebuilt at an hourly rate because of the amount of time that goes into redesigning a web site.  Please contact me directly for more information or if you have any questions.
Extra Features to Ad Value To The Individual Horses That Make Up Your Business
  • Pedigree Notes, photos, wins & facts of ancestors within 4 generations:  Add $25.00
    This fee is per individual horse.
  • Four Generation Strain Map:                                                                 Add $60.00
    This fee is per individual horse.
    Strain maps tell you the strain of each individual ancestor in your horses pedigree.  This is tedious research and requires multiple tools to locate correct answers.  Includes layout on digitial parchment so that you may print.
Your Youtube or Vimeo Videos Embedded

       If you have youtube or vimeo videos already uploaded, we can embed those files right into your web pages.  Included in your site building and maintenance fees. 

Once your website is built, you will need to promote it.
I offer E-Blast Marketing, Sales Ads and Stallion Listings to aid my clients in further marketing their horses.
If you have your website with me, you automatically qualify for a 25% discount off listed fees for these services.

Our web site service, ads and e-blasts provide our customer with eye catching design with
quality digital EXPOSURE on a world wide web platform.   
  Understand, the words; announce, promote, publicize, market and broadcast all pertain to advertise.
That is our service to you via Web Site Service, Sales Ads, Stallion Ads and E-Blast Marketing. 
Our goal is to attract attention to your sales offerings with the intent it brings you a sale,
however we do not imply any warranty or guarantee a sale will result.

How you choose to negotiate your business is your business. 
There are no commission fees attached to Web Site Service, Sales Ad, Stallion Listing or E Blast.

I offer Sales Ad packages to assist my clients in saving Advertising Dollars. 
I recommend to my clients that they set forth an advertising budget, plan and commit to follow through with the plan. 
Think about what you want to tell your audience about what you are selling. 
You will need a sales ad and multiple E Blasts to stay in front of your equine audience.  
The links at the top of this page provide you with detailed information about each service and package opportunities.

Food For Thought.  What happens if you do not advertise?  NOTHING! 


My recommendation is use the very best photos you have.  I prefer to work with photos saved at high resolution
at 3000 to 4000 pixels width.  Please do no crop photos before you send to me. 
Professional win or show ring photos are excellent choices as are professional on farm photos. 

Photos that need back grounds changed or items removed Add $12.50 

               Ad Copy: 

Keep is short, sweet, and to the point.  In this world of instant that we live in, people do not read. 
We are creatures of visual.  With that said, you need  GREAT photos, easy to read ad copy. 

              PLACING YOUR ORDER:

Contact me directly via E-Mail to discuss your order by clicking on the link below.
Financing is available on new web sites over a 12 month period with a 10% finance fee based on total web site cost.
All Web Site, Package Advertising and Individual Ads sold under contract.
I bill via Intuit, pay pal and do accept personal checks, your choice.
I will personally consult with you regarding your advertising needs and assist you with placing your order.



NOTE:  Arabian Quest does not guarantee the sale of your horse or
of stud service or any equine related service you are advertising with us.  
ArabianQuest Web Design is a
very affordable marketing solution that allows you to obtain premiere
digital exposure on the world wide web platform

All artwork, graphics, photographs, wording format, code or other materials are proprietary to
Domain names are transferable once contractual obligations are met. 
Refunds are not issues should you decide to take your account elsewhere.


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