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Vintage Black Arabians presents 
Nakhda Balthazaar

Strain:  Dahman Shahwan pure in strain 1st generation        
Tail Female:   El Dahma (RAS 22)
Tail Male:  Jamil El Kebir (APK)

Nakhda Balthazaar

Nakhda Balthazaar by Dhar Faa Halim

Nakhda Balthazaar  
This gentle black Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa stallion was bred by 
distinguished Straight Egyptian Breeders 
John and Marianne Hacklander of Hadaya Arabians.

 Balthazaar is one of 3 remaining Dhar Faa Halim Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa sons
in production today and the only one standing at stud in Michigan.  
Through his sire he carries the rare and valuable tail male line of
Jamil El Kebir (APK) Egypt (1)
Foaled in 1870, a Chestnut stallion of the Saqlawi-Jidran strain from Arabia,
imported in 1880 to Egypt.  As noted in the Al Khamsa Arabians II, he is also 
referred to as Gamil El Kebir / Jamil El Ashkar El Kebir.
According to Judith Forbis "The Classic Arabian Horse" Pages 195 - 196
"Jamil El Kebir was from Ibn Subayni of the Mhayd-Fid'an and was 
imported to Egypt for Prince Ahmed Pasha Kemal."

Balthazaar possesses a wonderful disposition, solid clean legs and 
overall balanced conformation.  Pure in strain Dahman Shahwan to the first generation, 
he also carries 5 crosses to Black in the first 3 generations.  

The only son of DHAR Faa Halim standing in Michigan.  As stated in the 
August 1999 Arabian Horse Times, DHAR Faa Halim was 
7th on the list of Leading Black Sires.  

Nakhda Balthazaar's pedigree is a treasure and a blend of 
"Old" and "New" Straight Egyptian bloodlines.
He is 52% Babson Bred.  Sire of 27 registered progeny as of September 2009.

Nakhda Balthazaar is also registered with the PtHA.

SE AK and Arabians for sale at all times.
We have Balthazaar progeny available for purchase.

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Vintage Farm
Clarksville, MI 48815
Hm Office:  616-446-5214
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Website:  http://vintageblackarabians.com
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    $1500 All Mares
  • Booking Fee:  $500.00
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Dhar Faa Halim
AHR 263215 Black
DOB:  1981
AHR 22998 Black
AHR 6264 Bay
AHR 12158 Black
Sar Ladunimuhan
AHR 138267 Bay
Sar Fadl Halim
AHR 91166 Grey
Bint Mist Aana
AHR 95732 Bay
Nakhda Balthazaar            AHR 521909          DOB:  May14, 1995
Black    Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa  Asil  Stallion     
Strain:  Dahman Shahwan pure in strain 1st generation        Tail Female:   El Dahma (RAS 22)
DW Fadaakma
AHR 287070 Bay
Fa Daalim
AHR 91824 Black
AHR3144 Chestnut
Bint Fa Dena
AHR 36375 Black
*Kamar El Zeman
AHR 193400 Bay
EAO 290 Grey
EAO 616 Bay



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