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E Blast Menu and Important Information from

LIST SIZE:  This is the most common Question I am asked.  My subscriber list is comprised of Arabian Breeders and Enthusiasts
on a WORLD WIDE platform.  A couple of important facts I�d like to point out�
     *  I do NOT purchase email lists which contain unrelated recipients to boast high number of subscribers. 
     *  I do NOT combine my marketing with any other marketer with duplicate subscribers to boast a higher recipient output
at a higher cost to the client.  Bear in mind list growth changes daily with subscribers and unfortunately we all get our share
of those who unsubscribe and we respect their decision.  Please ask for my current list size when contacting me.

For Marketing and Advertising � INDUSTRY AVERAGE
Open Rate (Recipients that open the E Blast) 14.5% 

Click Rate (Recipients that visit the linked page from ad) 2.0%

For Marketing and Advertising � ARABIANQUEST AVERAGE

Open Rate (Recipients that open the E Blast)   23.2%

Click Rate (Recipients that visit the linked page from ad) 2.0%

After your Blast has been sent out, I will generate a password code unique to you and your IP# to access your opens and clicks report. 
This is specific to each of your campaigns.  You can log in daily to watch your report grow. 
Not uncommon for your E Blast to be opened two weeks from date sent and see more opens.  So check back often.

This report will provide you with information on �

  • Total Opens and Total Clicks
  • Who opened your E Blast and how many times.
  • Who clicked on your link to visit your page and how many times.

E-blasts provide our customer with eye catching artistic design with quality digital EXPOSURE on a world wide web platform.   
  Understand, the words; announce, promote, publicize, market and broadcast all pertain to advertise.
That is our service to you via Sales Ads, Stallion Ads and E-Blast Marketing. 
Our goal is to attract attention to your sales offerings with the intent it brings you a sale,
however we do not imply any warranty or guarantee a sale will result.
How you choose to negotiate your business is your business.  There are no commission fees attached to an E Blast or Sales Ad.

 With direct sales there is a law of averages. 
Like t
he door to door salesman, how many doors does he have to knock on before one door opens? 
Same applies with E Blasts.  It is important to keep your name and photos in the public eye.

I offer monthly package deals.  I recommend to my clients that they set forth an advertising budget and plan. 
Think about what you want to tell your audience.  In the table below is my pricing. 
If you do not have a website, I recommend you purchase a sales or stallion ad on
For little cost, you can have a quality professional web presence on the world wide web.

 All Web Site, Package Advertising and individual Ads sold under contract.

E Blast Qty



Savings Per Month

1 Per Month




2 Per Month



$ 7.00 Per Month

3 Per Month



$15.00 Per Month

4 Per Month



$26.00 Per Month

5 Per Month



$37.50 Per Month

6 Per Month



$60.00 Per Month

7 Per Month



$77.00 Per Month

8 Per Month



$92.00 Per Month

9 Per Month



$108.00 Per Month

10 Per Month



$125.00 Per Month

Food For Thought.  What happens if you do not advertise?  NOTHING! 


My recommendation is use the very best photos you have.  I prefer to work with photos saved at high resolution
at 3000 to 4000 pixels width.  Please do no crop photos before you send to me. 
Professional win or show ring photos are excellent choices as are professional on farm photos. 

Photos that need back grounds changed or items removed Add $30.00 

               Ad Copy: 

Keep is short, sweet, and to the point.  In this world of instant that we live in, people do not read. 
We are creatures of visual.  With that said, you need a GREAT photo and a hook phrase. 

              PLACING YOUR ORDER:

Contact me directly via E-Mail to discuss your order by clicking on the link below.
If you are buying a package of E Blasts, the package price needs to be paid for at time of order. 
I bill via Intuit, pay pal and do accept personal checks, your choice.
I will personally consult with you regarding your advertising needs and assist you with placing your order.



NOTE:  Arabian Quest does not guarantee the sale of your horse or
of stud service or any equine related service you are advertising with us.  
ArabianQuest Web Design is a
very affordable marketing solution that allows you to obtain premiere digital exposure  
on the world wide web platform.

All artwork, graphics, photographs, wording format, code or other materials are proprietary to
Domain names are transferable once contractual obligations are met. 
Refunds are not issues should you decide to take your account elsewhere.


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