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Horses On The Hill Farm Arabians presents
SI Prince Ali Shiraz

.Ruminaja Ali grandson SI Prince Ali Shiraz
.SI Prince Ali Shiraz
Sire:  SI Enshallah ( Ruminaja Ali x Bint Cleopatra)
Dam:  RA Nafateri (Fakher Al Nafaa x Tirza)
Proven halter Champion and Sire of Champions
2012 Region 16 Championship Reserve Champion Stallion AOTH
SCID Clear  -  CA Clear  -  LFS Clear
Regular Stud Fee:  $1,200.00

Shipped Semen Nationwide USA
Collection and Shipping Fees are in addition to stud fee,
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SI Prince Ali Shiraz a grandson of Ruminaja Ali
SI Prince Ali Shiraz - 2012 Regional Champion

SI Prince Ali Shiraz by SI Enshallah

SI Prince Ali Shriaz of Horses On The Hill Farm Arabians


SI Prince Ali Shiraz

Breed your mare to this handsome 2006 purebred Egyptian Related Arabian Stallion.
Shiraz is proven in the show ring, a REGION 16 Res. Halter CHAMPION Stallion. 
He is siring  beautiful foals with that classic Ruminaja Ali  look and exceptional dispositions! 
Crossed on a variety of mares, "SI Prince Ali Shiraz" crosses very well with all breeds,
combining his classic Arabian type, exceptional conformation and pleasant temperament.

 Stud fee & booking :  payable to Horses on the Hill Farm Arabians / Pay pal option available
Shipping fee will apply & varies. / In some cases fees are subject to change at any time.
Excellent quality cool semen / semen has been tested.
Will ship anywhere in the USA  -  Stallion will be collected by

Allison J Fellows form NEBS & C&A Farm lactated in Winchendon, Ma.   
Phone:  978 - 297 - 9966

Accepting Purebred Arabian mares - Straight Egyptians - Non Arabians
Quality mare care available at our farm call for details & pricing. 978 - 544 - 1956

Tail Male and Female Facts
Tail Male:  Saklawi I (APS) 
RAS*26 Grey 1886
Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa
A Grey stallion of Ali Pasha Sherif, Egypt.
Strain:  Saqlawi-Jidran
Excerpt from:   Al Khamsa Arabians II
"Entry 8980 in Carl Raswan's Index states that Saklawi I (APS) was bred by the Ruala and was imported to Egypt.  In entry 4972 Raswan shows Saklawi I as by a Saqlawi-Jidran stallion named Khalil. "
Tail Female:  *Hadba AHR 43 Bay Mare
1900 bloodbay mare of the Shammar, obtained by the Anazah and imported in 1906 to the USA by Hommer Davenport. 
Strain:  Hadbah Inzihiyah
Excerpt from:   Al Khamsa Arabians II
"Entry 3166 in Raswan's Index shows *Hadba as by a Shuwayman-Sabbah of Ibn Sa'dun of the Muntifiq, as out of a Hadbah-Inzihiyah of Ibn Hazim of the Sinjara-Shammar and as bred by Ibn Hazim. This entry further has Ibn Hazim giving *Hadba to Badan (or Zedan) Al-'Awji of the Wuld Sulayman."

SI Prince Ali Shiraz Progeny
HHF Ali Azar Casanova / DOB 9/2/2010
Click On photo to zoom in.
HHF Sangria Rose Ali /DOB  5 /29/2011 HHF Azul Ali Sampson /
DOB 10/28/2011
HHF Al Muntazar Ali 
DOB 03/12/2013
(Pictured Above)
HHF Noor Al Ahlam
2014 Grey Filly
Congratulations!  It's a BOY!

 MRA Ali Heir Of Nobility
SI Prince Ali Shiraz x Prom Queen
Colt 3/30/2015
Out of Prom Queen!
Congratulations....Shiraz and Alpines First Paige had a Colt!!!
HHF Alpines Napoleon
SI Prince Ali Shiraz x Alpines First Paige (Spotted Shire Draft)
DOB:  Colt 08/01/2015
Arabian Tobiano Spotted Shire Colt.

Offered for Sale, this flashy young colt is available for purchase.
Sweet, athletic, well mannered!
Contact Info for Fran - Just below.

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Contact Owner:  Tom & Fran Bonenfant

Horses On The Hill Farm Arabians
Orange, Massachusetts
Hm Office:  978-544-1956 
Cell: 509-965-2280

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  SI Enshallah 
AHR 587575 Grey
SI Enshallah, sire of SI Prince Ali Shiraz
  Ruminaja Ali
AHR 134937 Grey
  Shaikh Al Badi
54456 Grey
  Bint Magidaa
AHR 62907 Grey
  Bint Cleopatraa
AHR 94392 Chestnut
AHR 32261 Grey
AHR 69603 Black
SI Prince Ali Shiraz AHR 627620 Grey Stallion    SCID Clear 
 Horses On The Hill Farm Arabians

Strain:  Hadban Enzahi
  RA Nafateri
AHR 344776 Grey
  Fakher El Nafaa
AHR 186218 Chestnut
*Fakher El Din
AHR 45330 Chestnut
  AK Rafana
AHR 98744 Bay
  RA Tirza
AHR 98943 Grey
AHR 5428 Grey
  SR Jameelah
AHR 48336 Chestnut

Additional Photos of SI Prince Ali Shiraz

SI Prince Ali Shiraz Egyptian Related Stallion

Champion SI Prince Ali Shiraz

Crimson & Acres.May, 07

--1st English in hand
--1st colts / fillies 2 and under
--2nd registered horse in hand

May 11 - 13 ,07  Hudson Valley All Arabian Show Region 16
--2nd yearling colts
--4th stallions all ages ATH
--2nd sport horse in hand stallions all ages ( 77%)

May 25 -  27, 07  Connecticut Arabian region 16
--2nd Yearling colts
--4th Stallions all ages
--2nd Sport Horse in hand stallions all ages ( 70%)

June 16 ,07 Granby Regional/ open Horse Show All breed
--1st Colts / Fillies / Weanling's - Yearling's
--1st Champion class weanling's - 3 year olds
--1st Stock seat in hand Jr.
--1st Hunt seat in hand Jr.
-- (Grand Champion)

June 29 - July 1, 07  New England Arabian Horse Show region 16
--2 Colts 2 and under
--1st Stallions all ages ATH
--3rd Sport Horse in hand stallions all ages ( 67.2%)

August 10 - 12 , 07 New Hampshire
Arabian Horse Show Region 16
-- 2nd Yearling colts
-- 5th Stallions all ages ATH         
-- 2nd Sport Horse in hand stallions all ages ( 72.4%)

As a two year old 08"
Hudson Valley all Arabian Horse Show / May 9-11,08'
--1st  2 years old colts
--3rd Stallions all ages ATH
--3rd Sport Horse Stallions in hand all ages( 60%)
--4th in Liberty class top 5

June 27- 29, 08  New England Arabians Horse Show
--3rd Colts 2 years old
--4th ATH Stallion all ages
--1st Sport horse in hand Stallion all ages ( 61%)
--5th in liberty Top five

As a three year old
               Hudson valley All Arabian Horse Show/ May 8-10,09                                  
--3rd Arabian stallions 2& 3 years old
--5ft Arabian stallions ATH
--Champion Free Style Liberty
--2nd sport horse in hand Stallions

Massachusetts Arabians AHAM Open Show June 7- 09
--1st Arabians/ half Arabian halter out of  4
--1st Open halter all breed/ all ages out of 7
--1st green rider / green halter out of 4
--1st Championship halter out 0f 6
-- Halter Champion Of Mass Arab.

New England Arabian Horse show June 25-27/09
--1st Arabian Stallion 3 & 4 years old
--3rd Arabian stallion ATH
--3rd Freestyle Liberty
--3rd Sport Horse in hand stallions (61%)

Massachusetts Arabians AHAM Open Show Sept 13/09
--1st Arabians/ half Arabian halter
--1st Open halter all breed/ all ages
--1st Championship halter
-- Halter Champion of Mass Arab.                 

As a four  year old
Hudson ValleyAll Arabians Horse Show Region16  May 9/2010
--1st Stallion 4 and over
--1st stallion ATH
--Reserve Champion purebred stallion
--Reserve Supreme Champion Stallions ,geldings,  mares                     
--Reserve Supreme Champion Stallions , geldings mares ATH                
--Free Style Liberty Champion     

AHCC All Arabian Horse show May 2010
--3rd Arabian stallion

Massachasusetts Arabians AHAM open show June 6/2010
--1st Arabian / half Arabian halter
--1st open halter all breed
--1st Championship halter
--Halter Champion of Mass Arab  

As a 6 years old.
AHCC  region 16  Arabian Horse show May 2012
--2nd Arabian 5 & over
-- reserve champion
--2nd stallion ATH
--1st Sport horse ATH
--1st Sport horse open

Massachusetts Arabians AHAM open Show June 3/2012
--1st Arabian / half Arabian halter
--1st open  halter all breed
-- Halter Champion

AHANE Region 16 June 2012
-1 Arabian stallion 5 & over
-1Arabian ATH
-1st Most classic Arabian Champion
-Grand Champion
-3rd sport horse in hand

Region 16 Arabian Horse Association Championship show / Syracuse NY / July 2012
-Reserve Champion & top five in AOATH

Massachusetts Arabian AHAM open show Sept 16/2012
-1st Arabian / half Arabian Halter
-1st open halter all breed
-1st green AOTH walk trot halter
- Halter Champion

   Hudson Valley May 9,2013
 -1st stallion halter 4 years and over open
    -1st stallion halter ATH
     -Reserved stallion all ages
            -1st sport horse in hand stallion 4 and over
             -1st sport horse in hand stallion 4 & over ATH
        -Reserved stallion sport horse,

  AHCC region 16 Arabian horses show  May, 2013
-1st stallion 5 years and over
-2nd ATH
-Grand Champion stallions
 -2nd sport horse in hand open
-2nd sport horse ATH

AHANE region 16 Arabian show June 2013
 -1st stallion 5 and over
-2nd ATH
      -Reserved Champion stallions

SI Prince Ali Shiraz has been MA Arabian stallion Grand Champion Halter  
Massachusetts High point End Award Stallions in 2009 - 2010 - 2012- 2014
New England High point End Award Stallions 2012- 2014


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